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A couple of months back I wrote about my experience at Daraja Academy during their fundraising cycling challenge and gala night  here. My post was more on my connection with the scenic views that make up the surrounding of the campus because generally I focus on nature, the environment and wildlife conservation on this platform. Allow me to deviate a bit today to girl empowerment and education because I believe education is the bottom line to everything.

At the gala night, we sat in the freezing cold Laikipian night and watched the girls showcase their talents ranging from sports, fashion show ,music and spoken word. When I say Daraja girls are talented I mean exactly that. Two girls moved me to tears with their remix of John Legends ‘one man can change the world’ to ‘One girl can change the world’. My friend and MC for the event Ndunge did a stellar job before and during the event. She managed to organize the girls during their rehearsals through to the final presentation. If you need an event planner/MC she is your girl. Check her out on Facebook, Hadithi. She is also a director at Dyrah Group Limited, a company that deals with marketing, branding, events and supplies.

A lot of promises were made by most of the guests at the gala but sadly not all promises have been fulfilled to date. Last week, Quix’s sports gear in partnership with the Daraja Academy management delivered sports uniform to the girls which they can use for both their rugby team and football. Quix’s sports gear is a Kenyan clothing line that specializes in developing new uniform designs for teams participating in different sports activities. The photos are a clear indication of the great work Quix’s is doing and the look on the girls faces is clearly one of satisfaction for a job well done.

To partner with Daraja academy please visit their website and partner with them in shaping the future of these young women in whichever capacity you can.

Also take a look at quix sports gear  website for all your sports gear needs whether personal or for an organization.



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