Falling for Elephants


       Location: Maasai Mara

      Everyone who knows me well enough by now knows I love elephants so much I might as well change into one,  become a matriach and lead my herd… I considered calling myself the elephant lady but that wouldn’t be original… or would it?
They call them them majestic beasts but one would not understand just how majestic they are until they spend some real quality time with them either in enclosures such as Sheldrick’s Trust or somewhere in the wild.
    I was 12 years old when I had my first close encounter with an elephant at  The Ol Jogi conservancy. It was the biggest animal I had seen at the time. And then there was this calf that was more playful than a kitten that kept chasing us around. The rangers had to reiforce the gate to keep the little one grounded.This was before the invention of the smart phone so this was  probably not documented on any camera but it was in my mind & heart. I fell in love.
    Flash forward to 2015 and elephants are making headlines for all the wrong reasons, Poaching and  human wildlife conflict. It has become so serious it has conservationist on their toes otherwise the gentle giants may go extinct. The sad part is that most of the population  think elephant conservation is a ‘non issue’ but the truth is everything has a role to play in the ecosytem… from the smallest ant to the biggest elephants. What therefore gives us the authority to kill elephants just so we can  make a few coins and somebody in a far off land can have an Ivory trinket in their house? 
    Here are a few reasons why elephants are special and they deserve to be recognized on this  #WorldElephantDay
1. They are a sight to behold- the largest land mammal
2. They  have an amazing memory
3.They protect their young and other young ones regardless of their species.
4. They can’t stand bullies- I have seen an ele put a bully Cheetah in its place.
5. They mourn their dead…You know that horrible pain we feel when our loved ones die, they feel every bit of it! (I strongly believe the young one that survived the Tsavo massacre died of sadness)
   There are many more reasons and I hope we can use them to get the world to fall in love with elephants.
Today I live you with a  combination of an african proverb & a fact about elephants…
“An elephant never dies of one broken rib but it can die of a broken heart.”

Enjoy these wonderful elephant photos from the great Maasai Mara on this #WorldElephantday

           Love always






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