Creating a generation of wildlife warriors!

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Photography: Muya Kimani

Since I was young, I have always been fascinated by wildlife. when  I have nothing better to do, NatGeo wild  is my go to pass time. Through this I have learnt so much about wild animals and I have learnt to respect their place in our ecosystem… Years ago there were not as many conservation campaigns as there are today which leads me to believe we lost our way somewhere.

I realize I need to do more than tweet and facebook about the plight of our wildlife to my audience of about 250 people.  I need to hit the ground running to save our lions, elephants, giraffes, impalas … is there an animal that is not threatened by humankind? Initiatives such as #Handsoffourelephants and #Wildlifewarriors  create a platform for people who are passionate about the wild and gives them a chance to take a more active role.

Being a part of #Wildlifewarriors was exceptional. I knew people were passionate about wildlife conservation but I did not understand the magnitude until I was in a room  listening to all these great ideas from 300+ people from all walks of life.  I met a 12 year old girl who kept giving well articulated points on how to make everyone fall in love with wildlife and I remember thinking to myself ‘I wish I was like that when I was younger’.  As Lupita Nyongo said..when you know more you do more.

A lot of topics were discussed, a lot of solutions were given and am sure some of those will be published very soon. some people differed but at the end of the day we all agreed that we need to protect our wildlife by creating a generation of wildlife warriors who will ensure that we shall win the war against poaching and find lasting solutions to human wildlife conflict.

At the end these three points stood out

  • The wildlife belong to the people of Kenya therefore they should see it a a benefit and not a bother
  • We need people to fall in love with the wildlife because they are not going to care about their conservation unless they think they are important
  • Everything connects to everything else. Every species is equally important  and  we humans have no authority to eliminate any species for our selfish gains..

Everyone can be a wildlife warrior. Speak out and create awareness, visit the parks and appreciate as the wild animals roam our land, go to Sheldrick’s Trust and adopt an elephant, Go to Ol Pejeta and adopt a rhino/chimpanzee/ranger/Child, Donate to organizations such as Lewa wildlife Conservancy, Join one of the elephant families in the Amboseli Trust, Donate to the Tsavo Trust… The list is endless.


The kindness one does for an animal might not change  the world, but it will change the world for that one animal”




Until next time, go out and find love in the wild.





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