Why do I love nature??


Photography: Mukuhi Wanjohi

About a week ago my very inquisitive nephew asked me why I love nature so much. My answer was not good enough for him so I posed the same question to a few of my friends who love nature as much as I do. Turns out It is not an easy question. I watched them squirm trying to come up with a good answer…Below is a collection of their responses.

Because it takes care of itself, animals roam freely without disturbance & it is self-sustaining… Hard question
Sammy Kariuki


Nature gives me a sense of peace. There is something about it that is refreshing.
Terry Gachie


The green vegetation makes our land beautiful, cleans our air and prevents erosion. Acha kusumbua akili yangu!
Wacera Kabinyu


I love natures ability to make me breathless because of its beauty. Whats special about it?  Hmmm…can’t explain, just the shear beauty and Godliness.
Njoki Wanjohi


Nature reminds me of the origins. I love the way I connect with nature and what it brings in me. It makes me be at peace with myself and the world.
Nathan Kimani


I love nature because it is perfect. It is beautiful and relaxing.
Helen Shiku


The landscapes give a sense of space and freedom and I love space and freedom hence yeah. I love anything that brings it out.
Toni Ndirangu


I believe nature is a mystery and we may not  be able to fully explain why we are drawn to it.  it is tied to our very existence. It is beautiful, always finds a way to amaze us, it never complains, it is dynamic and it always calms us when we are distressed. So the next time you feel under pressure take a walk and connect with nature…It heals.

I will end it with one of my favorite nature quotes…

“Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.”
Albert Einstein

Until next time…
  Love & more love

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