Remembering Satao



Photo creds: Tsavo Trust
I vaguely remember watching the news sometimes in June last year ‘Kenyas Iconic bull killed in Tsavo.’ I remember thinking how sad &quickly moved on with whatever I was doing. 
Now, one year later I fully understand what the news about after a lot of reading, research and spending too much time on twitter.


This Iconic bull, Satao, was killed by a poachers  poisoned arrow before they took his tusks. Believe me this dude had some seriously long tusks which literally touched the ground! (6.5feet/ 2metres).


It angers me that he died so that someone most likely in Asia could have some idol/god or ornament as a symbol of prestige in their house. “Tourists don’t come to see dead elephants..”says Juliani in Tusimame (the elephant anthem). This means we should go above and beyond to keep them alive because they are our heritage and national treasure. I didn’t get a chance to meet Satao but I will make it a point to visit the remaining of his kind.


He was called the giant who would never die. He roamed the plains of Tsavo but no more… Where is our humanity? Are we all about the money? Can we put a price tag on elephants?
Before I get all emotional, I will end with a modified quote from my friend S,
“Only when the last piece of Ivory has been sold will mankind realize money cannot buy back elephants”

Until next time stay blessed and love all wildlife.

Yours truly,
Mukuhi Wanjohi

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