I Fell in Love..

“People are not going to care about animal conservation unless they think animals are worthwhile…”
David Attenborough

Sunday was the first day of the month and I am glad my nephews and I spent it appreciating a part of wildlife. It was exhausting and we got lost severally but it was worth every trouble…


This is the beautiful road that leads to the David Sheldrick Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi National park. It is home to young orphaned elephants whose mothers were either poached, died of natural causes or due to elephant-human conflict.


From the moment we walked in the little ones stole my heart. I almost wish they remain that cute and adorable but I know they need to go back to the wild to ensure their kind continues to thrive despite the current threats & challenges… I should hope that when my nephews & my future children are old enough &  have their own children, elephants will still be roaming planet earth in large numbers. We will look back on this wonderful day; the first time they met elephants & that will be a happy memory.


The little eles are like little babies. They constantly need attention and their caretakers were always lurking nearby to keep the visitors safe and to ensure the eles were comfortable. Keep up the good work and Thank you for giving a voice to the voiceless. I am sure they appreciate you throwing sand and mud at them and reassuring them that not all humans are inhuman. To all our unspoken heros who work day and night to keep our wildlife safe, I salute you.


Everyday should be world wildlife day but its not, so let us always show love to these amazing beasts and all other wild animals. Their survival depends on us…
There is enough room for all of us to coexist peacefully.
The human race was given the chance to make decesions for all the animals… Make the right choices

Visit the Sheldrick Trust and meet these amazing Animals. It is open everyday except Christmas, strictly between 11 am -12 noon..
You can also #adoptanelephant for only 30$ or more  a year. It may not be enough but it will make a big difference.


From me and my new ostrich friends Pea & Pod  we choose to #loveelephants & to act now!

Photo credits: Mukuhi wanjohi
Camera:  Nikon & Samsung
Location: David Sheldrick 
   Wildlife Trust

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